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We at SRG Eye Care Hospital commit

We at SRG Eye Care Hospital commit‚Äč to providing excellent clinical and compassionate Eye-care for our patients in the Gujarat region. We take absolute pride in informing that:

35 Years of Expertise in Eye Surgeries in Ahmedabad

SRG Eye care hospital is serving people for the past 35 years

We have performed more than 250,000 Cataract surgeries

More than 50,000 Lasik surgeries and 10,000 Retinal surgeries

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Be it common eye problems or rare sight-threatening diseases, SRG Eye Care hospital provides general Eye-care as well as comprehensive ophthalmic specialty services that attract patients throughout the entire Gujarat State.

<h3>Cutting-edge Diagnostic <br> Testing</h3>

Cutting-edge Diagnostic

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Early Detection is crucial to prevent and avoid a common eye problem from becoming severe eye condition. Our experienced eye care professionals quickly and accurately diagnose your eye condition to help you heal and recover quickly.
<h3>Patient-Centred Approach<br><br></h3>

Patient-Centred Approach

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Eye problems are challenging. Your Eye care shouldn't be. We carefully coordinate your care every single step of the way, from your initial examination throughout the entire treatment and follow-up appointments.
<h3>Full Spectrum Care for All Types of Eye Conditions</h3>

Full Spectrum Care for All Types of Eye Conditions

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From Eye examinations to eye-glasses or contact lens, lab tests to surgical Treatments for ordinary or severe eye conditions, our detailed and Comprehensive approach meets the needs of adults, children and infants.
<h3>Experienced Paediatric Specialists</h3>

Experienced Paediatric Specialists

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SRG Eye Care paediatric ophthalmologists use unique and special techniques to make any eye exams, and treatment is easier for children and babies.
<h3>Primary Eye Care Service<br><br></h3>

Primary Eye Care Service

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It is the hub of our SRG Eye Care Hospital. Approximately 100,000 patients are seen every year at our Two Branches, one in Ambavadi and the other in Bodakdev.
Our experienced physicians perform the needful eye exams and refer to any serious complications or issues to the hospital's subspecialty services. Thousands of eye patients also undergo various Eye surgeries at SRG Eye Care Hospital, benefiting from the experience of world-class surgeons consistently rated as one of India's best.
<h3>Contact Lens Service<br><br></h3>

Contact Lens Service

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Here evaluation of various patients of all ages and medical conditions with the latest in therapeutic and cosmetic contact lens technology is done. This Lens service provides our patients with the latest devices and the up to date information available.
<h3>Cornea Service<br><br></h3>

Cornea Service

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This department takes care of corneal transplants and the various treatments of corneal conditions and diseases. Apart from corneal transplants, our skilled physicians in the Cornea Service also diagnoses and treats corneal dystrophies, scars, abrasions, and congenital corneal problems.
<h3>Glaucoma Service<br><br></h3>

Glaucoma Service

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This department is responsible for providing patients with the latest laser and surgical techniques, as well as the newest drug therapies available. The Diagnostic Laboratory offers advanced computerized techniques to detect the earliest signs of glaucoma is suspected or referred patients. This department also charts any kind of progression of the condition, even if it is the minor or slightest change in the optic nerve.
<h3>Neuro-Ophthalmology Service</h3>

Neuro-Ophthalmology Service

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The physicians in this department, are very experienced due to their long history of investigating and treating optic neuritis, ischemic optic neuropathy, blepharospasm thyroid-related eye disease, and hemifacial spasm.
<h3>Oculoplastics & Orbital Surgery Service</h3>

Oculoplastics & Orbital Surgery Service

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This department is one of the best in its league in the country. Oculoplastic surgery procedure is basically a sub-specialty of ophthalmology area that mainly focuses on conditions surrounding the eyeball (the orbit, the lids and the lacrimal system), as well as artificial eyes.
<h3>Retina Service<br><br></h3>

Retina Service

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This eye department was one of the first subspecialty services at SRG Eye Care Hospital. Today, an average of 5,000 patients are diagnosed and treated each year successfully. All vitreoretinal conditions are treated at SRG Eye Care, including uveitis, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and retinitis pigmentosa.

We are many things, but we believe 'Every New Day' is a 'Special Day', and we at SRG Eye Care Hospital are dedicated to one thing: Improving lives.

Our Doctors

Dr. Sanjay Gandhi

Cataract, Lasik & Gloucoma surgeon

Dr. Jaineel Gandhi

Cataract, Lasik & Retina Surgeon

Dr. Sharmeel Gandhi

DNB, Cataract, ICL & Cornea surgeon

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